Certificate in Labor Studies

About the Certificate in Labor Studies

The Certificate in Labor Studies is a 18 credit course of study designed to offer degree-seeking students from a wide range of backgrounds an understanding of the major issues in the field. Courses must be taken from at least two disciplines other than Labor Studies. The Certificate is also appropriate for students who already have a degree and would like to acquire additional knowledge about various facets of the field of Labor Studies within the global work environment. Labor Studies as a discipline acknowledges insights which have emerged from decades of university-union cooperation in labor education and fulfills an academic need to study labor affairs apart from the traditional framework of industrial relations. According to this concept, Labor Studies is the academic examination of issues which confront people in the pursuit of their need for rewarding employment. The focus of inquiry is on workers as individuals, as members and/or leaders in their unions or associations, and as citizens of their communities.

Courses must be taken from at least two disciplines in addition to Labor Studies. Minimum of 18 credit hours for certificate. Courses are to be selected in consultation with an advisor. A grade of ā€˜Cā€™ or better is required for all courses. (C- is not acceptable).

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to take 18 credit hours (6 courses) of course work outlined below.

Two Required Core Courses: (6 credits)

LBS 3001 Introduction to Labor Studies*
LBS 4654 Comparative and International Labor Studies* **

Two Labor Studies Courses: (6 credits)

LBS 3943 Internship in Labor Studies
LBS 4101 Theories of the Labor Movement
LBS 4154 Workers and Diversity*
LBS 4210 Women and Work
LBS 4501 Labor Law
LBS 4900 Directed Study in Labor Studies

Two Related Electives: (6 credits)

Consult with the Academic Program Coordinator for approved electives.

*Global Learning Course

**Certificate Capstone Course