Vocational Education


Vocational Professional Courses Flyer

The Center for Labor Research and Studies at Florida International University (FIU) offers four vocational courses for vocational professionals who teach in Miami Dade County Public Schools (M-DPCPS).

Vocational Course Requirements by M-DPCPS:

  1. Three semester hours in principals and philosophy of vocational education. ECT 3004
  2. Three semester hours in general methods of teaching vocational education which includes testing and evaluation. ECW 4103
  3. Three semester hours in methods of teaching agriculture, business, health occupations, home economics, industrial, marketing, or public service education. The methods course shall be specific to the subject area shown on the certificate and include course construction, lesson planning, and management and safety procedures for the vocational classroom and laboratory. ECT 3183C
  4. Three semester hours in vocational education designed for the special needs student. EVT 4502

Vocational Courses:

  • ECT 3004 Foundations of Vocational Education
  • ECT 3183C Course Planning in Vocation Education
  • ECW 4103 Instructional Strategies and Evaluation in Vocational and Technical Education
  • EVT 4502 Introduction to Vocational Special Needs Education

Vocational Educators will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of societal, legislative, and economic and labor developments that contributed to the development of vocational education in the United States.
  • Develop and organization instruction for career and technical teaching.
  • Implement instructional strategies and evaluation vocational programs.
  • Use the appropriate accommodations, skills, and strategies to foster learning with special needs students.

Key features:

  • Courses are offered fully online through FIU Online
  • Courses are taught by adult education faculty
  • Courses are offered regularly

For information about the above FIU courses, class schedules, and student application process contact the vocational courses coordinator at hodgsonj@fiu.edu or 305.348.2372.