Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution


About the Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution

The Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution is an 18 credit course of study designed to offer degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students the opportunity to obtain an interdisciplinary concentration in the study of conflict resolution and an intellectual background in the theories and methodologies of conflict and dispute resolution. This certificate is a stand alone program that can be completed simultaneously by degree-seeking students pursuing a bachelor's degree or non-degree seeking students who hold a bachelor's degree.

In modern society, the ability of various sectors to understand one another’s perspectives, to learn methods to reduce potential conflicts and to develop mechanisms to work toward building consensus is extremely critical. The issues that may be explored in this area of study are multidisciplinary and lend themselves to a broad-ranging interdisciplinary program. Students will gain both an understanding of the major concepts and issues in the field and knowledge of conflict within the contexts of the workplace, community, educational institutions, organizations, and/or international arena.

The Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution will provide a comprehensive curriculum in conflict and dispute resolution and offer students the necessary conflict management skills to navigate their personal and professional lives. Given that conflict is part of our daily life, learning to apply effective conflict and dispute resolution skills in variety of contexts (individual, organizational and global) is a necessity in modern society. The Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution is proposed to address these issues and to help students develop effective conflict management skills.

The certificate enhances interdisciplinary connections among Business, Criminology, Education, Human Resource Management, International Relations, Labor Studies, Law, Public Administration, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and many other disciplines.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to take18 credit hours (6 courses) of course work outlined below.

Three Required Core Courses: (9 credits)

LBS 3468 Introduction to Mediation - GL
LBS 3480 Introduction to Conflict Resolution - GL
LBS 4484 Applying Conflict Resolution Techniques - GL (capstone course)

Three Conflict Resolution Courses: (9 credits)

LBS 3482 Methods of Conflict Resolution
LBS 3943 Internship in Labor Studies
LBS 4154 Workers and Diversity - GL
LBS 4210 Women & Work - GL
LBS 4401 Labor Contract Negotiations
LBS 4461 Labor Dispute Resolution
LBS 4483 Organizational Conflict
LBS 4487 Conflict Theories
LBS 4654 Comparative and International Labor Studies - GL

GL : Global Learning Course

Note: Other "related courses" may be accepted. For more information, please contact Johanna Hodgson, Program Coordinator at hodgsonj@fiu.edu or 305- 348- 2371