The Center for Labor Research & Studies offers dynamic and contemporary courses that can expand students’ skill set and improve how they navigate the globalized workforce and labor economy. Students can gain essential knowledge and interpersonal skills in conflict resolution, workplace diversity, and labor studies, and vocational education by enrolling in the classes listed below:


  • LBS 3468 Introduction to Mediation (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 3480 Introduction to Conflict Resolution (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 3482 Conflict Methods
  • LBS 4483 Organizational Conflict
  • LBS 4484 Applying Conflict Resolution Techniques (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 4487 Conflict Theory
  • LBS 5465 Mediation Techniques
  • LBS 5466 Family Mediation
  • LBS 5485 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution
  • LBS 5486 Dynamics of Conflict Management
  • LBS 5488 Organizational Conflict and Dispute Resolution Systems


  • LBS 4154 Workers and Diversity (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 4210 Women and Work (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 5155 Workplace Diversity
  • LBS 5215 Women in the Workplace


  • LBS 3001 Labor and Globalization (Global Learning & University Core Curriculum)
  • LBS 4501 Labor Law
  • LBS 4610 Cross Cultural Dimensions of Latin American Labor Relations (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 4654 International and Comparative Labor Studies (Global Learning - GL)
  • LBS 5507 Labor and Employment Law


  • ECT 3004 Foundations of Vocational Education
  • ECT 3183C Course Planning in Vocation Education
  • ECW 4103 Instructional Strategies and Evaluation in Vocational and Technical Education
  • EVT 4502 Introduction to Vocational Special Needs Education

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